1. Press Release 17th Sept 2008
Fells Associates
Embargoed until 00.01am Wednesday 17thSeptember
PLACE: The Royal Institution, Albemarle St, LONDON
Over the last 25 years successive governments have failed to form a coherent, realistic and structured energy policy for the UK. The business and industrial community, which has already been forced to accept energy prices far in excess of its European counterparts, is now expressing grave disquiet.
Piecemeal legislation has resulted in a crisis situation for both short-term and long- term energy supply in the UK. Industry insiders predict major shortages within the next five years.
A press conference to present  a new report ‘A Pragmatic Energy Policy for the UK ‘ - including recommendations on how to keep the lights on through the next decade,  will be held at the Royal Institution, Albemarle St, on Tuesday September 16. You are invited to attend at 10.30 a.m. to hear and put questions to leading energy experts Professor Ian Fells and Candida Whitmill who will present the report and its findings.
They will explain how the current short-term and long-term crisis of energy supply in the UK has developed and will present realistic solutions in the short-term that will keep the lights on, as well as proposals for a longer- term strategy post 2020. .
Prof Ian Fells, internationally acclaimed energy expert, explains how  unrealistic “green” aspirations and wishful thinking about unachievable quantities of offshore wind generation has led to under-investment in energy base load infrastructure to replace the loss of one third of generating capacity over the next decade which the UK faces.
“The report discloses a staggering lack of understanding of the technical and engineering reality of what can be built within a short time scale.
The default position with the current policy is more gas, with all the political uncertainties on availability and price that implies,” says Professor Fells, Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering.
Initiatives for the short term include:
  • More inter-connectors to Norway, Germany, France and the Netherlands
  • Burning of municipal waste in incinerators to generate electricity, provide power around large conurbations and cut down on landfill
  • Coal power station life extensions may become essential despite the EU emissions directive post-2015
  • Some further nuclear station life extensions
  • and the nuclear new-build programme must start urgently to have a new station by 2018
  • Government assistance for research into  carbon capture and storage, which must be demonstrated urgently if CO2 emissions are to be reduced and security of supply improved
  • Increased strategic gas storage
In future all CO2-free generation, including nuclear, should attract a premium, their report says.
The report highlights how a Severn Barrage, currently the subject of a government study, could provide 5% of UK electricity within 10 years but an urgent decision either way is needed to keep an overall integrated energy policy on course.
“All in all it will be a close run thing to provide electricity to keep the lights on through the next decade. A coherent strategic plan, as laid out in our “Route Map to Energy Survival” in the Report should do the trick”, Prof Fells says.
Well-known industrialist Andrew Cook, who commissioned the report, adds
“ A fearful void has opened in which we need more electricity yet increasingly lack the means to generate it”.
Professor James Lovelock FRS
“The UK’s need for a secure source of energy is far more important than satisfying EU or green obligations.  Ian Fells and Candida Whitmill’s report tells us just what to do.”
Sir Eric Ash FRS, former Rector of Imperial College and chairman of Ocean Power Technology
“……a very impressive contribution”.
Prof Ian Fells
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“A Pragmatic Energy Policy for the UK” is available on www.fellsassociates.com
A Pragmatic Energy Policy 17th Sept 2008
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